About beach handball

Beach handball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Having started in Europe  in the 1990s as the summer version of Olympic handball, it has grown rapidly worldwide and will join the Olympic program for the first time in 2018. Get a taste by watching this YouTube clip https://youtu.be/i89d9OlBXmY.

Beach handball started in South Australia in 2008/09 and has been played each summer since. The competition has grown to include teams from across Adelaide in men's, women's and mixed competitions.

Beach handball is a non-contact sport that is designed to be fun to play and spectacular to watch. It is considered the second-fatest team sport in the world. General gameplay includes running, passing, jumping and shooting goals.

Games consist of two 10-minute halves, contested by teams of up to 10 players each (four players on court; the rest are substitutes).

Scoring in beach handball rewards players who execute spectacular goals. Creative or skilful shots using spins or alleys are awarded double points (two points rather than one). This makes beach handball amazing to watch as a high level of skill is demonstrated by the players.

A team wins the game by winning two sets. If each team wins one half each, a shoot-out is used to decide the winner.

Beach handball is played barefoot on sand.

Thanks to everyone who supports beach handball in South Australia, particularly: 
- Office of Recreation and Sport 
- City of Holdfast Bay 
- Jetts Glenelg - Trig Johnson
- PMCo - Jack Loneragan