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About handball

Handball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has featured in the Summer Olympics since the 1930s and is considered to be one of the fastest team sports of all. 

Handball is a contact sport. General gameplay includes running, passing, jumping and shooting goals. Players combine power and athleticism to create an attack and defend their goals.


Handball is usually played on a court of 40m x 20m, larger than a standard basketball or netball court. The court is made up of the general playing area, and a goal area: a 6m arc around each goal; the exclusive domain of the goal keeper. Goals are shot from behind, or above, the 6m line.

Standard games consist of two 30-minute halves, contested by teams of 7 players each (not including the substitutes on the bench). Teams are allowed team time-out breaks during the playing time.

A team wins the game by scoring the most goals at the end of the playing time. If scores are level, a penalty shoot-out is used to decide the winner.

In Australia handball is played across the mainland, with major competitors including Australian Championships held every October and Club Championships held every June. In Adelaide competitions are held across the autumn/winter months of the year.

Thanks to everyone who supports handball in South Australia, particularly the Government of South Australia Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing.

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