About street handball

Street handball has its origins in Europe, where the passion for the game of handball spills out onto the streets at

any time and place. Street handball is designed to be a fast and inclusive version of traditional handball that utilises

small public spaces. Here in South Australia we have adopted this philosophy by bringing street handball to the courts of Adelaide in 2019. 


Our competition will apply the following rules:


Current IHF Handball 'Rules of the Game' apply

Exceptions are listed below or on the Handball SA website

'Fair play' principles are paramount


25m long x 12m wide

Two 6m x 12m goal areas included

Playing Time   
2 x 15 minute periods with a 3-minute half-time break

No time-outs



Eight team members per game: four players on the court, up to four substitutes



Individuals must pay registration fees before playing ($25 player/$20 player under 18 years)

Teams with less than four eligible players forfeit their game


Minimum of 2 female players on the court at all times (see exception under 'Punishments')

Breaches will result in a suspension


Team members wear a similar colour jersey (singlet or t-shirt)

Goalkeeper wears a different colour jersey or bib

Only the designated goalkeeper(s) can enter the goal area

Game Play 

Each half begins with a referee throw

Game restarts after each goal with a goalkeeper throw

A player may only execute one bounce before they must pass or shoot the ball


Physical contact is not allowed

“Following” is the only form of permissible contact


Court players use their substitution area to enter the court (see below diagram)

Goalkeepers enter the court through any part of the goal area

Players exit anywhere on the substitution side of the court


Creative goals are worth 2 points. Referee discretion applies

Examples include trick shots, in-flight, spins, team actions


Player suspensions are given in lieu of a yellow card

The team is reduced in number for one change of possession

Two player suspensions results in a red card/disqualification

If no female substitute is available while a punishment is being served, a team can play with one less female


Games start on time. Arrive early to warm up

Delays will result in reduced playing time

A team not able to commence on time forfeits the game


Each team must provide a time/score keeper for their game (eg friend, partner, family member etc)


4 points for a victory, 2 point for a draw, 1 point for a loss

A forfeit results in a 0-10 outcome, with 0 points for the team

In a final, a tied result leads to a 4-player penalty tiebreaker

This inaugural street handball season is a trial, and we welcome feedback on these rules!